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Paste Wheels for Chip Array (Photo )
Paste Wheel for Clip Array
Specify information below with inquiry form.
Number of grooves
Width of groove
Groove Pitch
Depth of groove
Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries for digital camera (Photo ) Rechargeable Li-Ion for digital camera
Light weight to carry easily
Self discharge is lower than Ni-MH battery(AA)
High efficiency, capacity and longer operation
To associate with rapid charger, charging time : 2.5 Hrs
One set of RCR-V3 could take photos for 400 sheets cyclic life.
Alkaline Dry Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Hybrid PCBs
Hybrid PCBs (Photo )
DIM Modules
RF Modules
PC Board Assemblies
Contact-less IC Tags
Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) System