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Crystal Units
MUS-05 MUS-04C
MUS-05 MUS-04C
Part Frequency Case Overtone
MUS-06 20MHz - 80MHz 2.0mm~1.6mm~0.5mm FUND.
MUS-05 16MHz - 80MHz 2.5mm~2.0mm~0.6mm FUND.
MUS-04C 16MHz - 60MHz 3.2mm~2.5mm~0.7mm FUND.
MUS-04 16MHz - 60MHz 3.2mm~2.5mm~0.9mm FUND.
MUS-03 8MHz - 60MHz 5.0mm~3.2mm~1.5mm FUND.
MUS-02 6MHz - 90MHz 8.0mm~4.5mm~2.0mm FUND., 3rd
HC-49 / UM-1 TYPE
HC-49/U UM-1
HC-49/U UM-1
Frequency Case Overtone
300kHz - 1.1MHz HC-49/U FUND.(SL)
900kHz - 1.1MHz UM-1 FUND.(SL)
3.5MHz - 60MHz HC-49/S FUND., 3rd
4MHz - 200MHz HC-49/UL, HC-49/UT FUND., 3rd, 5th
6MHz - 200MHz UM-1, UM-1S FUND., 3rd, 5th
10MHz - 200MHz UM-5, UM-5S FUND., 3rd, 5th
Basic Information Required
Specify the information below, in order for you to get right units.
Case / Holder Type
Nominal Frequency MHz
Order of Overtone
Load capacitance pF
Drive Level uW
Frequency Tolerance PPM (25deg}3deg)
Frequency-Temperature Characteristics PPM (refer to 25deg)
Operating Temperature Range - ` +
Equivalent series resistance
Parallel Capacitance pF
Others (If any request.)